The residents of the drowsy village are perplexed: Who are all those off-season tourists lately?

Another stranger just arrived in Downtown Trüberbrook: Gretchen Lemke hops off the bus, a somewhat overenthusiastic student of paleoanthropology. She is adventurous, outgoing and radiates more coolness and self-confidence than anyone in this hicktown can probably bear. When it comes to science, her heart beats exactly 12,56865 bpm faster. She was the fiercest kid in the sandpit; cute but brutal when someone tried to disrupt her while she was digging for twig bones and toy artefacts.

Gretchen came to Trüberbrook in pursuit of an ancient proto-germanic sanctuary she first heard about in a class. The one that got shut down because the professor was talking more about conspiracies than historical facts. She made it her mission to unravel the mysteries that may or may not surround the lovely village of Trüberbrook.