Look who finally revealed himself: Tannhauser – the american expat in his mid-twenties who just agreed to give his debut by playing the main character in our game.

Tannhauser is a physicist – very much so – and a clever one at that. An adorable little fellow who is very well-read, always curious and of a deeply friendly nature. As a man who devoted his life to science, he strongly believes in well defined systems and an indisputable order; as a man of reason however, he came to terms with a world that seems to be inherently chaotic and at times frustratingly uncontrollable. This inner conflict gives him a somewhat unconcerned and lighthearted attitude.

While working on his PhD thesis, Tannhauser visits Trüberbrook to find relieve from a mental block that bothered him for quite a while. What he does not know yet is what adventurous endeavors he will have to endure to finally … finally … finish his thesis … best … vacation … ever …